Mystery Reader!
Mystery Reader is so much fun and the children look forward to it very much! Thank you to everyone that signed up! As the mystery reader you choose two or three of your favorite books and bring them in with you. Mystery Reader is on each Wednesday and plan on arriving at 10:25 and wait outside of our door in the hallway. The children will not know who is coming, but it's always such a wonderful surprise when you walk through the door! You will read your books to the class, which should only take about 20 minutes or so and if you'd like to plan on asking some comprehension questions about your stories after you read, feel free to! :)
If you would like to actually dress up and arrive as a "mystery", feel free to!! The children would love it!!

If you are interested in being the mystery reader, please look for the sign-up genius that will come to your email! Any questions about this can be directed to